Transcriptional activity of the DeltaNp63 promoter is regulated by STAT3.

  title={Transcriptional activity of the DeltaNp63 promoter is regulated by STAT3.},
  author={W Chu and Pei-Min Dai and Hsin-Lun Li and J. Chen},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={283 12},
The N terminus-truncated splicing variant of TAp63 is known as DeltaNp63. DeltaNp63 lacks transactivation function and is thought to antagonize the transcriptional regulation of the p53 and TAp63 target genes. Overexpression of DeltaNp63 has been observed in a number of human cancers, suggesting a role in carcinogenesis. In the present study we present data showing that the DeltaNp63 gene promoter activity is positively regulated by DeltaNp63alpha, and such positive autoregulation is mediated… CONTINUE READING


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BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 7337 by gest on M arch 6, 2015 hp://w w w D ow nladed from and Jan-Kan Chen Wing-Keung Chu, Pei-Min Dai, Hsin-Lun Li Promoter Is Regulated by STAT3

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