Transcriptional Regulation by FOXP1, FOXP2, and FOXP4 Dimerization

  title={Transcriptional Regulation by FOXP1, FOXP2, and FOXP4 Dimerization},
  author={Cora Sin and Hongyan Li and Dorota A Crawford},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Neuroscience},
FOXP1, FOXP2, and FOXP4 are three members of the FOXP gene subfamily of transcription factors involved in the development of the central nervous system. Previous studies have shown that the transcriptional activity of FOXP1/2/4 is regulated by homo- and heterodimerization. However, their transcriptional gene targets in the developing brain are still largely unknown. FOXP2 regulates the expression of many genes important in embryonic development, including WNT and Notch signaling pathways. In… CONTINUE READING
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