Transcription regulatory region analysis using signal detection and fuzzy clustering


MOTIVATION Presently available programs for the recognition of potential transcription factor binding sites in genomic sequences generally yield a huge amount of output. These output lists have to be filtered to obtain biologically significant elements, which is highly laborious work to be done manually. RESULTS We developed a strategy for systematic verification and improvement of the underlying profiles, and for their contextual analysis by a fuzzy clustering approach using non-redundant libraries of search profiles as a prerequisite. AVAILABILITY The tools mentioned in the paper are available upon request. CONTACT

DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/14.3.244


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@article{Pickert1998TranscriptionRR, title={Transcription regulatory region analysis using signal detection and fuzzy clustering}, author={L. Pickert and Ingmar Reuter and Frank Klawonn and Edgar Wingender}, journal={Bioinformatics}, year={1998}, volume={14 3}, pages={244-51} }