Transcription of the rat dopamine-D2-receptor gene from two promoters.

  title={Transcription of the rat dopamine-D2-receptor gene from two promoters.},
  author={Olivier Valdenaire and Philippe Vernier and Mary L Maus and J B Dumas Milne Edwards and Jacques Mallet},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={220 2},
Modulation of the expression of the D2-dopamine receptor gene is involved in several pathological and developmental circumstances. The gene and the corresponding promoter regions of the rat D2 receptor were isolated and partly characterized to study its regulation. The rat D2-receptor gene spans at least 50 kb, and possesses eight exons; its organization was compared to those of the other dopamine-receptor genes in a phylogenetic perspective. The gene contains two transcription-start sites: the… CONTINUE READING

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