Transcription of Intonation of the Spanish Language Introduction

  title={Transcription of Intonation of the Spanish Language Introduction},
  author={Pilar Prieto and Paolo Roseano and English and Hl and H Lou and Erik W Willis and Venezuelan Andean and Spanish and Elsa Mora and Llu{\"i}sa Astruc and Simon Rew and The and Cabrera Abreu and Francisco Vizca{\'i}no Ortega}
b The main features of Sp_ToBI The 1st Sp_ToBI Workshop held at The Ohio State University in October 1999 had the important outcome of proposing a set of transcription conventions that would be useful for the transcription of Spanish intonation within the Tones and Break Indices (ToBI) framework. A preliminary proposal for these transcription conventions for Spanish—or Sp_ToBI—was published in 2002 by Beckman, Díaz‐Campos, McGory and Morgan on behalf of the participants of the Workshop. While… CONTINUE READING