Transcription map of Xq27: candidates for several X-linked diseases.

  title={Transcription map of Xq27: candidates for several X-linked diseases.},
  author={Ileana Zucchi and Joanne A Jones and Maurizio Affer and Cristina Montagna and Elena Redolfi and Lucia Susani and Paolo Vezzoni and Ruti Parvari and David Schlessinger and Michael P Whyte and Steve Mumm},
  volume={57 2},
Human Xq27 contains candidate regions for several disorders, yet is predicted to be a gene-poor cytogenetic band. We have developed a transcription map for the entire cytogenetic band to facilitate the identification of the relatively small number of expected candidate genes. Two approaches were taken to identify genes: (1) a group of 64 unique STSs that were generated during the physical mapping of the region were used in RT-PCR with RNA from human adult and fetal brain and (2) ESTs that have… CONTINUE READING