Transcription factors zeb1, twist and snai1 in breast carcinoma

  title={Transcription factors zeb1, twist and snai1 in breast carcinoma},
  author={Ylermi M Soini and Hanna E Tuhkanen and Reijo K Sironen and Ismo Virtanen and Vesa V. Kataja and P{\"a}ivi Kaarina Auvinen and Arto J Mannermaa and Veli-Matti Kosma},
  booktitle={BMC Cancer},
Epitheliomesenchymal transition (EMT) is the process where cancer cells attain fibroblastic features and are thus able to invade neighboring tissues. Transcriptional factors zeb1, snai1 and twist regulate EMT. We used immunohistochemistry to investigate the expression of zeb1, twist and snai1 in tumor and stromal compartments by in a large set of breast carcinomas. The results were compared with estrogen and progesterone receptor status, HER2 amplification, grade, histology, TNM status and… CONTINUE READING
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