Transcription factor c-Jun activation represses mdr-1 gene expression.

  title={Transcription factor c-Jun activation represses mdr-1 gene expression.},
  author={Ze-Hong Miao and Jian Ding},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={63 15},
Expression of mdr-1 is complex and highly regulated. Several lines of evidence indirectly suggest that transcription factor c-Jun may negatively regulate human mdr-1 gene expression. We recently found that salvicine, a novel topoisomerase II inhibitor, is cytotoxic for multidrug resistance (MDR) tumor cells and down-regulates mdr-1 expression in MDR K562/A02 cells. Salvicine also stimulates a significant increase in the level of c-jun mRNA in HL60 cells. This study investigated the relationship… CONTINUE READING