Transcription and enhancer profiling in human monocyte subsets.

  title={Transcription and enhancer profiling in human monocyte subsets.},
  author={Christian Schmidl and Kathrin Renner and Katrin Peter and Ruediger Eder and Timo Lassmann and Piotr J. Balwierz and Masayoshi Itoh and Sayaka Nagao-Sato and Hideya Kawaji and Piero Carninci and Harukazu Suzuki and Yoshihide Hayashizaki and Reinhard Andreesen and David A. Hume and Petra Hoffmann and Alistair R. R. Forrest and Marina P. Kreutz and Matthias Edinger and Michael Rehli},
  volume={123 17},
Human blood monocytes comprise at least 3 subpopulations that differ in phenotype and function. Here, we present the first in-depth regulome analysis of human classical (CD14(++)CD16(-)), intermediate (CD14(+)CD16(+)), and nonclassical (CD14(dim)CD16(+)) monocytes. Cap analysis of gene expression adapted to Helicos single-molecule sequencing was used to map transcription start sites throughout the genome in all 3 subsets. In addition, global maps of H3K4me1 and H3K27ac deposition were generated… CONTINUE READING