Transcript profiling of Eucalyptus xylem genes during tension wood formation.

  title={Transcript profiling of Eucalyptus xylem genes during tension wood formation.},
  author={Etienne Paux and V{\'i}ctor Carocha and Cristina N. Marques and Ant{\'o}nio Mendes de Sousa and Nuno M. G. Borralho and Pierre Sivadon and Jacqueline Grima-Pettenati},
  journal={The New phytologist},
  volume={167 1},
Tension wood formed in response to gravitational force is a striking example of the plasticity of angiosperm wood. In this study our goal was to characterize the early changes in gene expression during tension wood formation in Eucalyptus. Using cDNA array technology, transcript profiling of 231 genes preferentially expressed in differentiating Eucalyptus xylem was followed from 6 h to 1 wk of a tension time course of artificially bent Eucalyptus trees. 196 genes were differentially regulated… CONTINUE READING
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