Transcript- and tissue-specific imprinting of a tumour suppressor gene

  title={Transcript- and tissue-specific imprinting of a tumour suppressor gene},
  author={Reiner Schulz and Ruth B. McCole and Kathryn Woodfine and A. Joseph Wood and Mandeep Chahal and David S. Monk and Gudrun E Moore and Rebecca J. Oakey},
  booktitle={Human molecular genetics},
The Bladder Cancer-Associated Protein gene (BLCAP; previously BC10) is a tumour suppressor that limits cell proliferation and stimulates apoptosis. BLCAP protein or message are downregulated or absent in a variety of human cancers. In mouse and human, the first intron of Blcap/BLCAP contains the distinct Neuronatin (Nnat/NNAT) gene. Nnat is an imprinted gene that is exclusively expressed from the paternally inherited allele. Previous studies found no evidence for imprinting of Blcap in mouse or… CONTINUE READING
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