Transcervical submandibular sialoadenectomy.

  title={Transcervical submandibular sialoadenectomy.},
  author={Andrea Torroni and Maria Cristina Mustazza and Davina D Bartoli and Giorgio Iannetti},
  journal={The Journal of craniofacial surgery},
  volume={18 3},
The submandibular glands are subject to several pathologies that require excision. The most common problem that affects these salivary glands is sialadenitis combined with sialolithiasis. This problem occurs in the submandibular gland 10 times more frequently than it does in the parotid gland. Other illnesses frequently involving the submandibular glands are represented by sialadenosis and benign, malign, and intermediate neoplasms. Diagnosis of any disturbance in the submandibular gland… CONTINUE READING