Transcellular ion flow in Escherichia coli B and electrical sizing of bacterias.

  title={Transcellular ion flow in Escherichia coli B and electrical sizing of bacterias.},
  author={U. Zimmermann and J. Schulz and G{\"u}nter Pilwat},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={13 10},
Dielectric breakdown of cell membranes and, in response, transcellular ion flows were measured in Escherichia coli B 163 and B 525 using a Coulter counter as the detector with a hydrodynamic jet focusing close to the orifice of the counter. Plotting the relative pulse height for compensated amplification of a certain size of the cells against increasing detector current, a rather sharp bend within the linear function was found, which did not occur when measuring fixed cells or polystyrene latex… CONTINUE READING

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