Transceiver Design for Multi-User Multi-Antenna Two-Way Relay Channels


In this paper, we design transceivers in a multi-user multi-antenna two-way relay system, where a single multi-antenna base station exchanges information with multiple users via a single multi-antenna relay station. We consider the half-duplex amplify-and-forward relay protocol. We aim to maximize the bidirectional sum rate under the constraint of no… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/GLOCOM.2010.5683119


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@article{Sun2010TransceiverDF, title={Transceiver Design for Multi-User Multi-Antenna Two-Way Relay Channels}, author={Can Sun and Yonghui Li and Branka Vucetic and Chenyang Yang}, journal={2010 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM 2010}, year={2010}, pages={1-5} }