Transcaruncular approach for the management of frontoethmoid mucoceles.

  title={Transcaruncular approach for the management of frontoethmoid mucoceles.},
  author={P Lai and S Liao and J-R Jou and P-K Hou},
  journal={The British journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={87 6},
AIMS To present transcaruncular medial orbitotomy as the preferred approach to manage frontoethmoid mucoceles. METHODS 11 patients with frontoethmoid mucoceles received transcaruncular orbitotomy from 2000 to 2002 at the National Taiwan University Hospital. The incision was made through the caruncle to explore the medial wall periosteum. Then the periosteum was opened and extended to provide adequate surgical field exposure. Frontoethmoid mucoceles could be viewed and removed directly. A… CONTINUE READING