Transapical off-pump Neochord implantation on bileaflet prolapse to treat severe mitral regurgitation.

  title={Transapical off-pump Neochord implantation on bileaflet prolapse to treat severe mitral regurgitation.},
  author={Andrea Colli and Roberto Bell{\`u} and Demetrio Giorgio Pittarello and Gino Gerosa},
  journal={Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery},
  volume={21 4},
A 74-year old lady was admitted for the presence of a symptomatic severe mitral regurgitation (MR) due to bileaflet prolapse. The patient refused any surgical conventional procedure because of severe arthrosis and osteoporosis documented by previous fractures requiring knee and hip replacements, and was sent directly to us for transapical off-pump mitral valve repair with Neochord implantation (TOP-MINI procedure). The TOP-MINI procedure was performed under general anaesthesia and… 

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An early European experience with transapical off-pump mitral valve repair with NeoChord implantation†
  • A. Colli, E. Manzan, G. Gerosa
  • Medicine
    European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery : official journal of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery
  • 2018
These results demonstrate that the NeoChord procedure is safe, effective and reproducible and clinical and echocardiographic efficacy is maintained up to 1 year with significant differences among the anatomical groups.
Transapical NeoChord mitral valve repair.
Transapical off-pump mitral valve repair with NeoChord implantation has evolved into a reproducibly successful and safe approach, which complements existing surgical treatment strategies available to eligible patients with chronic severe degenerative mitral regurgitation.
Actual perspective on off‐pump transapical artificial chord implantation
The outcomes of the first‐in‐human experience using a novel artificial chordae implantation device, the Mitralstitch system, are satisfying and comparable with the early experience with former devices, but the comparison with surgical MVR is still unfavorable and requires further studies and significant procedure improvement.
Transapical beating-heart chordae implantation in mitral regurgitation: a new horizon for repairing mitral valve prolapse.
Mitral regurgitation is increasingly prevalent in western countries despite reduced incidence of rheumatic disease, including disorders of the valve leaflets, mitral annulus, chordae tendineae, papillary muscles and left ventricle.
Imaging for Mitral Interventions: Methods and Efficacy.
Percutaneous mitral repair: current and future devices.
The aim of this review is to portrait the landscape of transcatheter mitral repair alternatives, from currently used devices to those that will have a role in the near future.
A mitralis elégtelenség sebészi kezelésének új megközelítése: transapicalis ínhúrpótlás dobogó szíven
A modern korrekcio soran az inhurpotlas reszesitendő előnyben, amely műtethez azonban jelenleg a sziv megallitasa es extracorporalis keringes alkalmazasa szukseges a bal pitvar megnyitasa mellett.


Acute safety and efficacy of the NeoChord procedure†.
Initial results with the NeoChord procedure in a small number of patients indicate that transapical off-pump mitral valve repair is feasible and safe and maintained up to the 30-day follow-up with significant clinical benefit for patients.
One-stage off-pump transapical mitral valve repair and aortic valve replacement.
The first-in-humans 1-stage transapical off-pump concomitant aortic valve implantation and mitral valve repair in a patient experiencing pure AR and degenerative MR is presented.
TEE-guided transapical beating-heart neochord implantation in mitral regurgitation.
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