Transanal endoscopic microsurgical platform for natural orifice surgery.

  title={Transanal endoscopic microsurgical platform for natural orifice surgery.},
  author={Alexander Meining and Hubertus Feu\ssner},
  journal={Gastrointestinal endoscopy},
  volume={70 1},
complete gastric variceal obliteration at the index endoscopy, and it is possible that the high success rate of acute hemostasis and very low rebleeding rate relate to this technique. However, the attempt to complete gastric variceal obliteration in one session may require a large amount of mixtures of N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate and lipiodol, and this is more likely to induce ulcer bleeding. To minimize the risk of embolism, they suggested that the injection should be no more than 1.0 mL of the N… CONTINUE READING

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