Transamination of D-amino acids by Bacillus subtilis.

  title={Transamination of D-amino acids by Bacillus subtilis.},
  author={C B Thorne and C G GOMEZ and R D Housewright},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={69 3},
A wide variety of transaminase active on L-amino acids has been demonstrated in microorganisms (Feldman and Gunsalus, 1950; Fincham, 1951), mammalian tissues (Cammarata and Cohen, 1950; Rowsell, 1951), and plants (Wilson et al., 1954). Cohen (1939, 1940) did not find transaminase activity with any of several D-amino acids when he tested minced pigeon breast muscle or purified enzyme preparations although other workers (Euler et al., 1939; Braunstein and Azarkh, 1939) reported that certain D… CONTINUE READING