Transamination of 2-oxo-4-[methylthio]butanoic acid in chicken tissues.

  title={Transamination of 2-oxo-4-[methylthio]butanoic acid in chicken tissues.},
  author={M Rangel-Lugo and Richard E. Austic},
  journal={Poultry science},
  volume={77 1},
The keto acid 2-oxo-4[methylthio]butanoic acid (OMTB) is an intermediate in the conversion of synthetic feed grade methionine sources to L-methionine in vivo in poultry and other animals. Because methionine sources are utilized by the chick with considerably less than 100% efficiency as sources of L-methionine, it is important to determine what metabolic process may limit the utilization of these sources. Because OMTB is converted to L-methionine by transamination, a study was conducted to… CONTINUE READING


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