Transactivation-dependent and -independent regulation of p73 stability.

  title={Transactivation-dependent and -independent regulation of p73 stability.},
  author={Iqbal Dulloo and Kanaga T. Sabapathy},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 31},
The tumor suppressor p53 regulates its own stability by transcriptionally activating Mdm2, Pirh2, and COP1, which target p53 for degradation. However, whether such a negative feedback mechanism exists to regulate the stability of p73, the structural and functional homologue of p53, is unclear. Unlike p53, p73 is not mutated in cancers, but its expression is significantly elevated. Thus, we have investigated the regulation of p73 turnover. Our data suggest the existence of a negative feedback… CONTINUE READING
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