Transactional Analysis and Psychoanalysis: Overcoming the Narcissism of Small Differences in the Shadow of Eric Berne

  title={Transactional Analysis and Psychoanalysis: Overcoming the Narcissism of Small Differences in the Shadow of Eric Berne},
  author={William F. Cornell},
  journal={Transactional Analysis Journal},
  pages={164 - 178}
  • W. Cornell
  • Published 29 June 2020
  • Psychology
  • Transactional Analysis Journal
Abstract This article addresses how narcissistic identification with specific theoretical models interferes with further learning, development, and maturation within both individual and group contexts. Drawing on Freud’s initial reflections on the functions and consequences of narcissistic identifications and defenses within the life of groups, the author describes the impact of the narcissistically motivated inflation of differences in the history and evolution of transactional analysis. While… 



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