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Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques

  title={Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques},
  author={Jim Gray and Andreas Reuter},
From the Publisher: The key to client/server computing. Transaction processing techniques are deeply ingrained in the fields of databases and operating systems and are used to monitor, control and update information in modern computer systems. This book will show you how large, distributed, heterogeneous computer systems can be made to work reliably. Using transactions as a unifying conceptual framework, the authors show how to build high-performance distributed systems and high-availability… Expand

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Distributed transactions in practice
The effects of applying traditional transaction management techniques to multi-tier architectures in distributed environments are discussed and the performance costs associated with distributed transactions are shown. Expand
Transactional information systems: theory, algorithms, and the practice of concurrency control and recovery
The authors begin with a broad look at the role of transactional technology in today's economic and scientific endeavors, then delve into critical issues faced by all practitioners, presenting today's most effective techniques for controlling concurrent access by multiple clients, recovering from system failures, and coordinating distributed transactions. Expand
Thirty Years of Server Technology - From Transaction Processing to Web Services
This contribution will identify mechanisms that have been developed in the context of transaction processing and database management and generalize them to server processing of any kind. Expand
Principles of Distributed Database Systems
This third edition of a classic textbook can be used to teach at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels and concentrates on fundamental theories as well as techniques and algorithms in distributed data management. Expand
Interactive Transaction Processing for In-Memory Database System
A coroutine-based execution engine is proposed to handle different kinds of blocking efficiently and improve the CPU usage, and a lightweight and latch-free lock manager is designed to schedule transaction conflicts without introducing many overhead. Expand
Revisiting Structured Storage: A Transactional Record Store
This paper presents a transactional record store that directly addresses the needs of modern applications and combines the simplicity and manageability of the file system interface with a select few features for managing record-oriented data. Expand
Database Transaction Models
  • G. Vossen
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science Today
  • 1995
There is a vastly uniform methodology for putting these aspects to work, which will be described, which is illustrated by examples ranging from simple reads and writes to semantically rich operations. Expand
Incremental Garbage Collection forWorkstation / Server Database SystemsLaurent
We describe an eecient server-based algorithm for garbage collecting object-oriented databases in a workstation/server environment. The algorithm is incremental and runs concurrently with clientExpand
Time-Constrained Transaction Management
This thesis provides the basis for new directions in research, and identifies several fundamental problems, in diverse areas such as database technology, distributed systems, transaction processing, real-time systems, fault-tolerant systems, and scheduling. Expand
This paper discusses several issues related to transaction models and techniques to support such models. We rst present the basic notions related to the concept of transactions, by introducing aExpand