Transabdominal chorion villus biopsy: 100 consecutive cases.

  title={Transabdominal chorion villus biopsy: 100 consecutive cases.},
  author={Richard J. Lilford and Gilda Linton and Henry C. Irving and Maria G. Mason},
  volume={1 8547},
A series of 100 transabdominal chorionic villus biopsies were carried out for maternal age (34 patients), fetal sexing (15), previous aneuploidy (21), biochemical analysis (5), gene-probe analysis (17), and oligohydramnios or fetal anomaly (6). 18 patients were over 14 weeks pregnant at the time of sampling. Tissue samples were obtained from 98 patients, including one set of twins. All 99 tissue samples proved adequate for laboratory diagnosis. Chromosome mosaicism was encountered in 4 cases… CONTINUE READING

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