Trans-ungual iontophoretic delivery of terbinafine.

  title={Trans-ungual iontophoretic delivery of terbinafine.},
  author={Anroop B Nair and Siva Ram Kiran Vaka and Srinivasa Murthy Sammeta and Hyun Dae Kim and Phillip M. Friden and Bireswar Chakraborty and Satyanarayana Narasimha Murthy},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical sciences},
  volume={98 5},
Successful treatment of deep-seated nail infections remains elusive as the delivery of efficacious levels of antifungal drug to the site of action is very difficult. The aim of the present study was to attain rapid trans-ungual delivery of an antifungal agent, terbinafine, via the topical route using iontophoresis. Initial studies revealed that application of current (0.5 mA/cm(2)) could significantly enhance the trans-ungual delivery of terbinafine. An increase in the applied current or… CONTINUE READING