Trans-splicing of organelle introns--a detour to continuous RNAs.

  title={Trans-splicing of organelle introns--a detour to continuous RNAs.},
  author={Stephanie Glanz and Ulrich K{\"u}ck},
  journal={BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology},
  volume={31 9},
In eukaryotes, RNA trans-splicing is an important RNA-processing form for the end-to-end ligation of primary transcripts that are derived from separately transcribed exons. So far, three different categories of RNA trans-splicing have been found in organisms as diverse as algae to man. Here, we review one of these categories: the trans-splicing of discontinuous group II introns, which occurs in chloroplasts and mitochondria of lower eukaryotes and plants. Trans-spliced exons can be predicted… CONTINUE READING