Trans-planckian physics and non-commutative inflation

  title={Trans-planckian physics and non-commutative inflation},
  author={Seoktae Koh},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
  • Seoktae Koh
  • Published 4 February 2008
  • Physics
  • Modern Physics Letters A
Non-commutativity of spacetime at the Planck scale may deform the usual dispersion relations. And these deformed dispersion relations could lead to the accelerating phase without a scalar field. In this paper, we have calculated the spectral index and the running of spectral index in a non-commutative inflation model. Non-commutative inflation with thermal radiation gives a scale invariant spectrum in the limit w -> -1 and negative running spectral index which are consistent with the WMAP 3… 
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More exact form of the spectral index is given in Ref. [5] using ρ ∝ a −3(1+w) ∝ η − 6(1+w) 1+3w at the horizon crossing (kc s η = 1)


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