Trans-acting antisense RNAs mediate transcriptional gene cosuppression in S. cerevisiae.

  title={Trans-acting antisense RNAs mediate transcriptional gene cosuppression in S. cerevisiae.},
  author={Jurgi Camblong and Nissrine Beyrouthy and Elisa Guffanti and Guillaume Schlaepfer and Lars M. Steinmetz and Françoise Stutz},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={23 13},
Homology-dependent gene silencing, a phenomenon described as cosuppression in plants, depends on siRNAs. We provide evidence that in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is missing the RNAi machinery, protein coding gene cosuppression exists. Indeed, introduction of an additional copy of PHO84 on a plasmid or within the genome results in the cosilencing of both the transgene and the endogenous gene. This repression is transcriptional and position-independent and requires trans-acting antisense RNAs… CONTINUE READING

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