Trans Women Doing Sex in San Francisco

  title={Trans Women Doing Sex in San Francisco},
  author={Colin J. Williams and Martin S. Weinberg and Joshua G Rosenberger},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
This research investigates the sexuality of trans women (individuals who were assigned male status at birth who currently identify as women), by focusing on the “bodily techniques” (Crossley, 2006) they use in “doing” sexuality. The “doing sexuality” framework not only is modeled after the “doing gender” approach of West and Zimmerman (1987), but also utilizes the idea of “sexual embodiment” to emphasize the agency of trans women as they conceptualize and organize their sexuality in a socially… Expand
Money, Agency, and Self-Care among Cisgender and Trans People in Sex Work
Many qualitative studies about the exchange of sex for money, drugs, and less tangible outcomes (i.e., social status) contend that this activity contributes to high levels of internalized stigmaExpand
The Sexual Health of Transgender Men: A Scoping Review
There is a need to improve the scope and depth of research examining the sexual health of this population, especially concerning sexual risk behaviors and structural barriers to sexual health care access. Expand
Embodying Transgender: An Analysis of Trans Women in Online Forums
The findings suggest that gender identity is embodied and socially negotiated in trans women, and must be understood so that trans women can perform self-determination practices as a way to achieve gender autonomy. Expand
Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Male and Transgender Women Sex Workers at the Prostitution Outreach Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Bacterial STI positivity and illicit substances use during work were high in all 3 sex worker groups, emphasizing the importance of combined and targeted interventions. Expand
Trans*-Sexualität neu denken: Eine partizipative Interviewstudie zu gelingender Sexualität ohne Genitalangleichung
Einleitung Studien zur Sexualität von trans* Personen sind häufig durch das heteronormative Bias geprägt, alle trans* Personen würden eine Genitalangleichung anstreben, um penil-vaginalenExpand
Prises en charge médicales et psychologiques de la vie sexuelle des femmes trans : revue de la littérature internationale
Resume Objectifs Comprendre la place et les evolutions des prises en charge medicales et psychologiques de la vie sexuelle des femmes trans, dans le cadre des parcours de transition/affirmation deExpand


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A sociological study of men who are sexually interested in transwomen (MSTW) found how the ambience of the bar helped to create an erotic environment through a heightened sense of gender and saw how the MSTW constructed a unique sexual desire according to the sexual orientation identity they brought to the situation. Expand
Perceived Risks and Benefits of Sex Work among Transgender Women of Color in San Francisco
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Gendered Sex Work in the San Francisco Tenderloin
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Changing Sex, Changing Self
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Gay and Bisexual Identity Development Among Female-to-Male Transsexuals in North America: Emergence of a Transgender Sexuality
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