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A generalised model of hydrogen diffusion in metals with multiple trap types
Continuum modelling of hydrogen diffusion in metals, which accounts for both trapping and an imposed force field, is revisited. A generalised model of hydrogen diffusion and trapping is developed as
Hardness and Indentation Fracture Toughness in a Novel Silicon Composite Synthesized by Spark Plasma Sintering
A composite of 90 wt pct silicon and 10 wt pct of the multi-component Mo44Si26Ta5Zr5Fe3Co12Y5 was synthesized using spark plasma sintering at a temperature of 1423 K and applied pressure of 75 MPa.
Cleanliness Control of High Nitrogen Stainless Bearing Steel by Vacuum Carbon Deoxidation in a PVIM Furnace
High cleanliness is a crucial factor determining the service performance of bearing steel. Considering the strong deoxidation ability of carbon under vacuum, vacuum carbon deoxidation was adopted in
Effect of Electropulsing Treatment on the Formation of MnS Inclusions in SUS303
Electropulsing treatment was imposed on SUS303 free-cutting steels to analyze the evolution of MnS inclusions. SUS303 steels were treated in argon atmosphere under various conditions: before the
Combining benzotriazoles and azides in copper(II) chemistry: synthesis, structural and spectroscopic characterization of a 1-D corrugated tape [Cu(N3)2(1-Mebta)]n coordination polymer (1-Mebta = 1-methylbenzotriazole)
Abstract The tertiary CuII/N3 –/1-Mebta reaction scheme, where 1-Mebta is 1-methylbenzotriazole, led to the coordination complex [Cu(N3)2(1-Mebta)]n (1), which has an unusual 1-D corrugated tape
Thermodynamic Analysis of TiN Precipitation in SWRH92A High Carbon Tire Cord Steel Under the Influence of Solute Micro-segregations During Solidification
The precipitation of TiN inclusion during the solidification of SWRH92A high carbon tire cord steel has been thermodynamically calculated. The influence of solute micro-segregations calculated by
Intermetallics disappearance rates and intrinsic diffusivities ratios in the Cu-Zn system at temperature 400 Cand in the Cu-Sn system at temperatures from 190 C to 250 C are analyzed theoretically
Multiphase-field model for surface diffusion and attachment kinetics in the grand-potential framework.
Grand-potential based multiphase-field model is extended to include surface diffusion and finite attachment kinetics is retrieved as the governing law and results show good agreement with the theoretical sharp-interface solutions.
A Computational Study of the Mass Transport Behavior of Hydrogen in In-Service Carbon Steel Pipeline Fillet Welds During Deposition and Desorption
  • S. C. Axtell
  • Materials Science
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
  • 2021
Numerical calculations were used to study the diffusion and thermotransport of hydrogen during deposition and diffusion of hydrogen during desorption of in-service carbon steel pipeline fillet welds
Plastic Deformation and Microstructure Evolution in Niobium at Temperatures from 1473 K to 1823 K
Plastic deformation and microstructure evolution are investigated at elevated temperatures in a low-impurity (ASTM B393-18 Type 1) niobium sheet material. Data from tensile tests are reported for


TRANS [Motion picture
  • 2012
United States: Hart Sharp Video. TRANS, by Mark Schoen (Producer) & Chris Arnold (Director). [Documentary]. United States: Sex Smart Films
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  • 2004
United States: SexSmartFilms
  • TRANS [Motion picture]
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