Trajectory Tracking For Boom Cranes Using A Flatness Based Approach

  title={Trajectory Tracking For Boom Cranes Using A Flatness Based Approach},
  author={Jörg Neupert and Arne-Christoph Hildebrandt and Oliver Sawodny and K. Schneider},
  journal={2006 SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference},
In order to handle the increasing amount and variety of cargo which has to be transshipped in harbors more and more handling equipment such as the LIEBHERR harbor mobile crane (LHM) are used. With this kind of crane, the payload is suspended on a rope, which results in strong load oscillations. Because of safety and performance reasons this load sway should be rejected during and especially at the end of each transfer process. In order to reduce this load sway, it is state of the art to use… CONTINUE READING

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