Trajectories for a Just Transition of the Fossil Fuel Industry

  title={Trajectories for a Just Transition of the Fossil Fuel Industry},
  author={Sven Teske},
  journal={Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals},
  • Sven Teske
  • Published 2019
  • Economics
  • Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals
This section provides historical production data for coal, oil and gas between 1980 and 2015. The 2.0 °C and 1.5 °C scenario lead to specific phase-out pathways for each of the fossil fuel types. Current regional production volumes are compared with future demands. The results provide the input for the employment analysis in the following chapter for the fossil fuel sector. This section discusses the need to shift the current political debate about coal, oil and gas which is focused on security… 

Equitable, effective, and feasible approaches for a prospective fossil fuel transition

Most fossil fuel resources must remain unused to comply with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Scholars and policymakers debate which approaches should be undertaken to Leave Fossil Fuels



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