Traits: A mechanism for fine-grained reuse

  title={Traits: A mechanism for fine-grained reuse},
  author={St{\'e}phane Ducasse and Oscar Nierstrasz and Nathanael Sch{\"a}rli and Roel Wuyts and Andrew P. Black},
  journal={ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst.},
Inheritance is well-known and accepted as a mechanism for reuse in object-oriented languages. Unfortunately, due to the coarse granularity of inheritance, it may be difficult to decompose an application into an optimal class hierarchy that maximizes software reuse. Existing schemes based on single inheritance, multiple inheritance, or mixins, all pose numerous problems for reuse. To overcome these problems we propose traits, pure units of reuse consisting only of methods. We develop a formal… CONTINUE READING
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