Trait impulsivity as an endophenotype for bipolar I disorder.

  title={Trait impulsivity as an endophenotype for bipolar I disorder.},
  author={Lauren E Lombardo and Carrie E. Bearden and Jennifer B. Barrett and Margaret S. Brumbaugh and Brian Pittman and Sophia Frangou and David C. Glahn},
  journal={Bipolar disorders},
  volume={14 5},
OBJECTIVE Impulsivity, conceptualized as impairment in planning and poor attentional and inhibitory control, is a key feature of bipolar disorder. Familial risk for bipolar disorder is known to affect inhibitory control but its impact on the attentional and planning dimensions of impulsivity is still unclear. METHODS We administered the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, version 11 (BIS-11) to 54 euthymic individuals with DSM-IV bipolar I disorder, 57 of their clinically unaffected siblings, and 49… CONTINUE READING
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