Training use of compensatory memory books: a three stage behavioral approach.


A systematic, structured training sequence for teaching individuals with severe memory impairments to independently utilize a compensatory memory book is reviewed. The training sequence is theoretically motivated, incorporating both principles of learning theory as well as aspects of memory known to be preserved in many patients with even severe amnestic disorders. This paper describes the components of a functional memory book system as well as the three-stage behavioral training procedure. An illustrative case study reviewing the training and resultant effective use of a memory book system for daily living and employment in a severely memory-impaired patient is provided.

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@article{Sohlberg1989TrainingUO, title={Training use of compensatory memory books: a three stage behavioral approach.}, author={M M Sohlberg and C A Mateer}, journal={Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology}, year={1989}, volume={11 6}, pages={871-91} }