Training to fail

  title={Training to fail},
  author={Christopher Roberts and Gael M. McDonald},
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Examines the way in which management has denied training and development the prospect of making a full contribution to corporate renewal. Concentrates on the structural obstacles inherent in the internal environment. The organizational climate within firms must alter radically if training and development are to be used effectively as change agents. 
Managing development in an era of radical change: evolving a relational perspective
Despite an apparent increase in investment and commitment over the last ten years, more recent studies now give grounds for reservations about overall ability of management development to meet the
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The IT workforce of a company is an important strategic asset, an asset that needs to be managed. This paper details the results of a survey administered to 200 employees across 39 software companies
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In IT Sectors were knowledge is the key and workforce of IT companies is an important strategic asset which needs to be managed and retained. This work details the results of a survey administered to
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The IT workforce of a company may embody its most important strategic asset. Such an asset needs to be managed. At a company level, measures that support and encourage knowledge transfer amongst
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Managerial training and development in telecommunication organizations in Palestine
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This thesis examines the research issue of universities as Learning Organization. It examines the research problem of 'How can Australian universities become Learning Organization'? This thesis
The path to HRD : an investigation of training and development practices in the Libyan manufacturing sector in 21st century
The main purpose of this study is to understand the nature and maturity level of HRD activities in Libyan manufacturing companies, and to investigate how far Libya has moved along a continuum


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Claims that the time has come to consider how to apply marketing principles and practices in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environment. Argues that as it becomes increasingly
Ten easy ways to waste money on training
US firms re‐engineer to reduce employment
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