Training teachers to develop interactive multimedia ESL courseware for ASEAN community and sustainable development


Responding to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Community Educational Action to teach common ASEAN values in curricula and to develop materials using the United Nations Education for Sustainable Development (UN-ESD), this research aims to train teachers on how to develop interactive multimedia English as a Second Language (ESL) courseware that promotes ASEAN culture and literature and UN-ESD. It uses the ADDIE Instructional Design: (1) Analysis Stage. In this stage, 17 teachers enrolled in the Master of Education ESL course were trained to develop courseware. Computer programming was integrated in the course. The teachers designed the Grade 8 English syllabus by matching the required competencies to the ASEAN content and the UN-ESD Key Thrusts. (2) Design Stage. It finalized the interactive multimedia courseware syllabus that promoted viewing, reading skills, grammar, and intercultural communicative competence. (3) In the Development Stage, teachers did the courseware production; the courseware underwent readability and content reliability. (4) In the Implementation Stage, the courseware underwent field and pilot testing. Findings from the evaluation, reflections, interviews, and field testing show that: (1) The courseware scored 4.47 (Strongly observable); (2) The courseware promoted the desired objectives; and (3) With the use of authoring software and right training, teachers with limited background on computer programming can develop their own courseware.

DOI: 10.1109/IISA.2016.7785407

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