Training bei Tendinopathien – Sehnenstress

  title={Training bei Tendinopathien – Sehnenstress},
  author={Terhi Jarvinen and Pekka Kannus and Nicola Maffulli and Mark Calleja and David Alister Connell and Jens Peder Lind Haahr and Hege Dybvig Andersen and D. Morrissey and P Ahf Renstrom and Sheri L. Woo and H. Bart van der Worp and J Zwerver and P. Paul F.M. Kuijer and Janice Steed Lewis and Shoukat Ali Raza and Jeremy Pilcher and Jeffrey Wills Lewis and Karen McCreesh and J. Stapleton Roy and Olav B. Lian and Lars Engebretsen and Reiner Bahr and Urho M Kujala and S K Sarna and Jaakko Kaprio and Maria Kvist and H{\"a}kan Alfredson and Avi J Hakim and Lynn F. Cherkas and Tim D. Spector and George B. Holmes and Jinigdong Lin and Henning Langberg and Jens M Olesen and Dorthe Skovgaard and Merzesh Magra and Sanjay Mehta and Jonathan A. Gimbel and Louis J Soslowsky and Alison V September and Michael Posthumus and Louisa Van der Merwe and Jonene L. Cook and Christopher J. Handley and Josh Sher and John Weiland Uribe and Antonio Posada and L S Almekinders and Paul S. Weinhold and Adolf Leo Ludwig Seitz and Philip W. McClure and Sj Finucane and Ik Bah and Sang Tae Kwak and Ruth L Chimenti and Robert E Bunata and David Sterling Brown and James L. Cook and Craig Robert Purdam and Alan Scott and Ludvig J. Backman and Christopher Speed and Mary F. Barbe and Ashley E. Barr and I Gorzelany and Hong Guang Gao and Philip W. Fisher and Alex G. Lambi and Xian Da Dong and Patrik Svensson and Brian Edwin Cairns and Gunilla Z. Andersson and Stefanie Forsgren and Robert J. de Vos and Allison Jean Weir and Lodewijk P. J. Cobben and A Hirschm{\"u}ller and V. Frey and Lukas Konstantinidis and Joy Lok-Sum Leung and John F. Griffith and Margarete Reiter and N Ulreich and Albert Dirisamer and W van Snellenberg and J P Wilev and Gilbert Brunet and Michela Zanetti and Aliane Katiana Metzdorf and H. P. Kundert and Becca Dean and Somer L. Franklin and Athol J. Carr and B Dean and Ray Murphy and Angela Margaret Fearon and J Twiin and Jane Esther Dahlstrom and Samuel Chua De Fu and Wei Wang and H M Pau and Masayuki Gotoh and Kunihiro Hamada and Hiromiki Yamakawa and Hashemiyan Behzad and Anuradha Sharma and Rouhollah Mousavizadeh and D. Alexis Hart and Steven P. Arnoczky and Maurizio Lavagnino and Monika Egerbacher and Kaname Ikoma and Masashi Kido and Miyoko Nagae and Ebony Rio and Mathijs van Ark and Sean Docking and Dawson Kidgell and Pete Malliaras and Carole J. Barton and Neil D Reeves and Martha Kongsgaard and Veikko Kovanen and Per Aagaard and Ronald Beyer and Birgitte Hougs Kjaer and Martina Kjaer and Katja Maria Heinemeier and Karin Gravare Silbernagel and Kay M. Crossley and Mariann Gajhede-Knudsen and Julia Ekstrand and Hlynur Magn{\'u}sson and Malin H{\"a}gglund and Marina Wald{\'e}n and Roland Thom{\'e}e and Bengt I. Eriksson},
  journal={Sportverletzung Sportschaden : Organ der Gesellschaft fur Orthopadisch-Traumatologische Sportmedizin},
  volume={31 2},

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