Training Professional Psychologists in School-Based Consultation: What the Syllabi Suggest


This article reports the findings from consultation syllabi from 25 American Psychological Associationapproved school psychology programs (40% response rate). Most responding programs offered 1 consultation course and many programs’ syllabi stated expecting students to conduct 1 consultation case. The analysis showed most syllabi listed training in multiple models of consultation, with almost all mentioning the problem-solving model. Almost all syllabi listed training in treatment, but fewer than half suggested that students would learn about the use of consultation to promote prevention. Most programs’ syllabi mentioned considering others’ culture in consultation, whereas fewer than half mentioned considering the impact of the consultant’s culture in consultation relationships and even fewer mentioned social justice. The discussion addresses the need for a better understanding of school-based consultation preservice training, consultation training in a diverse and inequitable world, and how practitioners’ cognitive appraisals of consultation services could inform school-based consultation training. Considerations for consultation syllabi design are given.

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