Trafficking mechanism of West Nile (Sarafend) virus structural proteins.

  title={Trafficking mechanism of West Nile (Sarafend) virus structural proteins.},
  author={Justin Jang-hann Chu and Mah Lee Mary Ng},
  journal={Journal of medical virology},
  volume={67 1},
Previous studies have shown that West Nile (Sarafend) virus matured by budding at the plasma membrane, which differs from the usual intracellular maturation of other flaviviruses. The present study investigated the trafficking mechanism of the envelope (E) and capsid (C) proteins of West Nile (Sarafend) virus during the replication cycle. The use of time-based double-immunofluorescence labelling coupled with the Triton X-100 extraction procedure revealed that both the E and C proteins were… CONTINUE READING

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