Trafficking in women and children in India: nature, dimensions and strategies for prevention

  title={Trafficking in women and children in India: nature, dimensions and strategies for prevention},
  author={Biswajit Ghosh},
  journal={The International Journal of Human Rights},
  pages={716 - 738}
  • B. Ghosh
  • Published 1 December 2009
  • Economics
  • The International Journal of Human Rights
Trafficking in women and children is one of the worst abuses of human rights. But it is very difficult to estimate the scale of the phenomenon as trafficking is closely related to child labour, bonded labour, child marriage, kidnapping and abduction and prostitution even though these phenomena can exist also independent of trafficking. This paper has attempted to analyse the nature, causes, modes and volume of trafficking in a country that has recently become a soft target in the South Asian… 
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Largely characterized as an urban issue, empirical studies of minor sex trafficking in rural communities-including India, a global hotspot for child sex trafficking-are exceptionally uncommon. Yet,


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Trafficking in persons report
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It is argued that India had escaped the US list of worst human traffickers (Tier 3 Countries facing heavy penalties) for political considerations
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