Traffic-related air pollution and allergic disease: an update in the context of global urbanization

  title={Traffic-related air pollution and allergic disease: an update in the context of global urbanization},
  author={Christopher Carlsten and Christopher F. Rider},
  journal={Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology},
Purpose of reviewThe review aims to give an update on the literature around traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) and allergic disease in the context of global urbanization, as the most populous countries in the world face severe TRAP exposure challenges. Recent findingsAs research continues to show that gene–environment interactions and epigenetics contribute to the TRAP–allergy link, evidence around the links to climate change grows. Greenspace may provide a buffer to adverse effects of… 

Air pollution and DNA methylation: effects of exposure in humans

Improved knowledge of how exposure-induced change in DNAm impacts health, both acutely and chronically, may enable preventative and remedial strategies to reduce morbidity in polluted environments.

Exposure to green space and pollen allergy symptom severity: A case-crossover study in Belgium.

The long term effects of outdoor air pollution in urban environments on cardiovascular health: a global review

The effect of air pollution on health is listed as a significant cause of death worldwide. Slightly over 3 million deaths per year are due to outdoor air pollution. Studies have shown that short term

Seasonal Influence in Traffic-Related Air Pollutants Concentrations in Urban Parks from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Traffic-related air pollution is an alarming source of pollutants exposure and consequently to the development of several adverse health effects. Otherwise, green spaces are reported to improve

Ambient Air Pollution Exposure and Risk of Developmental Delay in Children and Teenagers in Taiwan

Air pollution exposure increases the risk of developmental delay in children and teenagers in Taiwan, and the present findings suggest that air pollution exposure is associated with an increased risk of development delay.

The clear and persistent impact of air pollution on chronic respiratory diseases: a call for interventions

Efforts to reduce air pollution exposure to protect public health, especially from emissions from both fossil fuel combustion and biomass combustion, are needed urgently.

Association between air pollution and rhinitis incidence in two European cohorts.



Does outdoor air pollution induce new cases of asthma? Biological plausibility and evidence; a review

The evidence is consistent with the possibility that outdoor air pollution might play a role in causing asthma in susceptible individuals living very close to busy roads carrying a lot of truck traffic, and the effect on public health is unlikely to be large.

Link between environmental air pollution and allergic asthma: East meets West.

The constituents of air pollution in Asia are discussed with a special focus on studies in mainland China and Taiwan where the levels of pollution have reached high levels and where such high levels particularly in winter can cause a thick haze that reduces visibility.

Effects on asthma and respiratory allergy of Climate change and air pollution

Since airborne allergens and air pollutants are frequently increased contemporaneously in the atmosphere, enhanced IgE-mediated response to aeroallergens and enhanced airway inflammation could account for the increasing frequency of respiratory allergy and asthma in atopic subjects in the last five decades.

Early-life air pollution and asthma risk in minority children. The GALA II and SAGE II studies.

Early-life NO₂ exposure is associated with childhood asthma in Latinos and African Americans, adding to a growing body of evidence that traffic-related pollutants may be causally related to childhood asthma.

Interactions of GST Polymorphisms in Air Pollution Exposure and Respiratory Diseases and Allergies

Evidence of an interaction between GST genes and air pollution exposure for the risk of respiratory disease and allergies is not concordant and further investigations are needed to explore the reasons behind the discordancy.

Perinatal Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Atopy at 1 Year of Age in a Multi-Center Canadian Birth Cohort Study

It is found that traffic-related air pollution during the first year of life was associated with atopy, and this association was stronger among children not attending daycare compared with daycare attendees.