Traffic monitoring and accident detection at intersections

  title={Traffic monitoring and accident detection at intersections},
  author={Shunsuke Kamijo and Yasuyuki Matsushita and Katsushi Ikeuchi and Masao Sakauchi},
  journal={Proceedings 199 IEEE/IEEJ/JSAI International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (Cat. No.99TH8383)},
  • S. KamijoY. Matsushita M. Sakauchi
  • Published 5 October 1999
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 199 IEEE/IEEJ/JSAI International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (Cat. No.99TH8383)
The number of deaths and injuries from traffic accidents has been rapidly increasing. Most of those accidents occur at and nearby intersections. In order to analyze those accident events, we set up a video camera and recorded those traffic activities all day. In this paper, we describe this traffic monitoring system, the method for tracking vehicles, and the method for detecting accidents by using the hidden Markov model. Finally, we demonstrate our success by presenting the experimental… 

Severity detection of traffic accidents at intersections based on vehicle motion analysis and multiphase linear regression

A new approach to describe traffic scene including vehicle collisions and vehicle anomalies at intersections by video processing and motion statistic techniques, which apply semantic information extraction about traffic incidents is proposed.

Video-based traffic accident analysis at intersections using partial vehicle trajectories

A novel approach to describe traffic accident events at intersections in human-understandable way using automated video processing techniques, which relies on learning normal traffic flow using trajectory clustering techniques, then analyzing accident events by observing partial vehicle trajectories and motion characteristics.

Automatic Traffic Monitoring Method Based on Cellular Model

A vision-based approach for automatic detection of traffic incident detection is proposed, and entropy-based features are extracted to create a cellular model that simulates the dynamic behavior of the traffic flow.

Traffic Incident Detection Based on the Grid Model

This work presents a vision-based approach for automatic traffic congestion and incident detection that involves extracting entropy-based features to create a grid model that simulates dynamic traffic flow behavior.

Traffic Flow Surveillance System for Urban Intersections

An automatic traffic surveillance system which is utilized to monitor the traffic intersections based on improved background modeling and object tracking method and the obtained information of the traffic flow at intersections can be utilized in intelligent traffic management.

Severity classification of abnormal traffic events at intersections

The results indicate that abnormal events can be detected and represented by likelihood probabilities, and depending on these probabilities, severity analysis can be done successfully.

Incident Detection in Heavy Traffics in Tunnels by the Interlayer Feedback Algorithm

A tracking algorithm to segment vehicles and estimate the precise vehicle trajectories against the heavy occlusions was developed and dedicated algorithm to detect incidents from the traffic images was developed.

Road Accident Detection and Severity Determination from CCTV Surveillance

The algorithm developed here is capable of detecting accidents between any types of moving objects and also evaluating the severity of the incident to improve the emergency services response time.

Detecting Unusual Activities at Vehicular Intersections

This work develops methods to detect, track, and model the activity of moving objects based on the local definition, at each pixel, of a multimodal model for the direction of motion of a multi-modal model.



Overtaking vehicle detection using implicit optical flow

An optical flow based obstacle detection system for use in detecting vehicles approaching the blind spot of a car on highways and city streets and the prediction of a camera image given an implicit optical flow field and comparison with the actual camera image are described.

Vehicle detection in color images

  • J. RojasJ. Crisman
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 1997
The AutoColor vehicle detection is a system that detects vehicles in images under different weather conditions. It first uses a novel color model of the road to classify each pixel lying on the road

Automatic differentiation facilitates OF-integration into steering-angle-based road vehicle tracking

  • H. LeuckH. Nagel
  • Engineering
    Proceedings. 1999 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (Cat. No PR00149)
  • 1999
The approach reported here estimates the steering angle of vehicles to be tracked and compares this as well as a velocity estimate with actual measurements performed in a suitably equipped test vehicle recorded while crossing a road intersection.

A Video-based System Methodology for Detecting Red Light Runners

A video-based system for detecting red light runners on an image sequence based on a virtual loop detector concept and test results show that the prototype may be used at any junction to detect multipleRed light runners in multiple lanes.

Using adaptive tracking to classify and monitor activities in a site

  • W. GrimsonC. StaufferR. RomanoL. Lee
  • Computer Science, Environmental Science
    Proceedings. 1998 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (Cat. No.98CB36231)
  • 1998
A vision system that monitors activity in a site over extended periods of time using tracked motion data to calibrate the distributed sensors, to construct rough site models, to classify detected objects, to learn common patterns of activity for different object classes, and to detect unusual activities.

Using order statistics for object tracking

  • M. WernerW. von Seelen
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Proceedings of Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 1997
We propose a new model free approach to object tracking. It is based on the estimation of the location and scale parameter of a feature distribution by using asymptotic properties of order

Minimum-entropy models of scene activity

  • Vera M. KettnakerM. Brand
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. 1999 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (Cat. No PR00149)
  • 1999
This approach discovers minimal models of coherent motions and their switching dynamics-without tracking or prior knowledge about the spatial or temporal structure of the scene.

Interactive Model-Based Vehicle Tracking

An interactive model-based vision system for vehicle tracking that establishes a context for autonomous interpretation of scenes containing moving vehicles by specifying a limited amount of information in the form of object models.

ASSET-2: real-time motion segmentation and shape tracking

  • Stephen M. Smith
  • Computer Science, Physics
    Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision
  • 1995
The paper describes how image sequences taken by a moving video camera may be processed to detect and track moving objects against a moving background in real-time. The motion segmentation and shape

Adaptive background mixture models for real-time tracking

  • C. StaufferW. Grimson
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. 1999 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (Cat. No PR00149)
  • 1999
This paper discusses modeling each pixel as a mixture of Gaussians and using an on-line approximation to update the model, resulting in a stable, real-time outdoor tracker which reliably deals with lighting changes, repetitive motions from clutter, and long-term scene changes.