Traffic Simulation Software: Traffic Flow Characteristics in CORSIM


CORSIM short for corridor simulation was developed and is maintained by the Federal Highway Administration. It is a microscopic simulation model designed for the analysis of freeways, urban streets, and corridors or networks. The model includes two predecessor models: FRESIM and NETSIM. FRESIM is a microscopic model of freeway traffic, and NETSIM is a model of urban street traffic. CORSIM has a capability simulating a wide range of traffic flow conditions. It is run within a software environment called the Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS), which provides an integrated, Windows-based interface and environment for executing the model. A key element of TSIS is the TRAFVU output processor, which allows the analyst to view the network graphically and assess its performance using animation. CORSIM is a microscopic simulation model that tracks the position and movement of each vehicle in the network once each second. The purpose of this study is to investigate traffic flow characteristics under "breakdown and recovery condition" through literature reviews and testing such characteristics in CORSIM.

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