Traffic Jam on the Music Highway: Is it a Reproduction or a Performance?

  title={Traffic Jam on the Music Highway: Is it a Reproduction or a Performance?},
  author={Michael A. Einhorn and Lewis Kurlantzick},
  journal={Review of Network Economics},
The American copyright system separately protects the sounds in music recordings and the words and music of the underlying musical composition upon which they are based; separate rights are further defined for the reproduction and public performance of both the recording and the composition. The consequences of copyright fragmentation are now quite disturbing, as digital technology produces a breakdown and conflation of legal categories that were meaningful in the analog era; the same act of… Expand
The Entire Market Value Rule: The Embattled Flank
This paper examines the entire market value rule (EMVR) as it relates to reasonable royalties determined in patent litigation. While the EMVR originated in patent law from court valuations of lostExpand
Traditional Blanket License
The blanket license allows music users the immediate use of all musical compositions and provides greater flexibility in the unlimited choice of the works in a PRO’s repertory.
Port governance in Turkey: The age of the global terminal operators
Abstract This paper investigates port governance in Turkey from the point of institutional economics and industrial organization. As a newly industrialized country, Turkey still achieves high growthExpand
Economics and copyright reform: aspects of the EC Directive
  • R. Towse
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • Telematics Informatics
  • 2005
Economists are frequently involved in quantitative research on policy changes and it should be possible to apply this competence to copyright reform, but aspects of the EU Directive present severe challenges to empirical economic evaluation. Expand
Trademarks and Financial Remedies: Standards in the Common Law
Reviews the statutory and common law regarding monetary remedies for infringement, and sets forth economic standards that could be used to determine the efficiency and equity of the most commonExpand
Copyright, Causality, and the Courts
Reviews statute and common law decisions as they relate to the court's discernment of a causal connection from a copyright infringement to defendant revenues.
Publicity Rights and Rational Valuation
Examines damage claims under publicity rights and economic ways to value them.
Trademark Valuation and Market Analysis
Establishes analytic technique for evaluation of trademarks based on price information.
Pharmaceuticals and Compulsory Licensing: Epidemics in the Developing World
Reconsiders the case for compulsory licensing for AIDS drugs used in developing nations and finds the proposed solution very simplistic.


Ignoring the Public Part I: On the Absurd Complexity of the Digital Audio Transmission Right
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Copyright and Internet Music Transmissions: Existing Law, Major Controversies, Possible Solutions
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Owning Digital Copies: Copyright Law and the Incidents of Copy Ownership
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The digital dilemma : intellectual property in the information age
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From Having Copies to Experiencing Works: The Development of an Access Right in U.S. Copyright Law
This essay addresses how current U.S. copyright law responds to new forms of distribution of copyrighted works, through the emerging right to control digital access to copyrighted works, as set outExpand
Can Copyright Become User-Friendly? Essay Review of Jessica Litman, Digital Copyright (Prometheus Books 2001)
Professor Litman has written Digital Copyright for the general public, though lawyers, and especially copyright lawyers, would do well to read it. Professor Litman's message is straightforward:Expand
An introduction to law and economics
This paper reviews the evolution of law and economics scholarship, and identifies diferent styles of economic analysis of law by emphasising the basic distinction between positive and normativeExpand
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