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Traffic Dynamic Instability

  title={Traffic Dynamic Instability},
  author={Louis Reese and Anna Melbinger and Erwin Frey},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
Here we study a driven lattice gas model for microtubule depolymerizing molecular motors, where traffic jams of motors induce stochastic switching between microtubule growth and shrinkage. We term this phenomenon \enquote{traffic dynamic instability} because it is reminiscent of microtubule dynamic instability [T. Mitchison and M. Kirschner, Nature 312, 237 (1984)]. The intermittent dynamics of growth and shrinking emerges from the interplay between the arrival of motors at the microtubule tip… 
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Length regulation of microtubules by molecular motors: exact solution and density profiles

This work studies a microtubule (MT) model, whose length is regulated by the action of processive kinesin motors, and finds that the lengths of the MT are exponentially distributed in this parameter regime.



A Kinetic View of Statistical Physics

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