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Traditional vs. Online Homework in College Algebra

  title={Traditional vs. Online Homework in College Algebra},
  author={Kimberly Jordan Burch and Yu-ju Kuo},
  journal={Mathematics and Computer Education},
ABSTRACT A year long study was conducted in multiple sections of College Algebra by the authors using a system of both traditional paper homework and online homework assignments. The online homework system was Pearson/Addison-Wesley's CourseCompass which was integrated with the textbook. This system allows the students multiple attempts at problems with extensive hints and examples while providing instant feedback for every problem. Data was collected from both groups including in-class exam… 

Making Online Homework Work

Abstract Online homework systems, which deliver homework assignments to students and provide real-time feedback on their responses, have the potential to increase student learning in college

Creating, Automating, and Assessing Online Homework in Introductory Statistics and Mathematics Classes

This project collaborated with other instructors to create online homework sets for three classes and created question pools that can be read by the software package, Respondus, which then uploads the questions into Blackboard Learn, the course management system used by the Connecticut State University system.


Online homework systems are being increasingly used for auto-graded, instant feedback homework and practice for students in math, science and engineering. Students may use these systems, which often

Enhancing the Study of Business Statistics with an e-Homework System

The findings showed that students obtain many benefits from online homework, including better prepared in writing test, their ability to understand course concepts increased because of the timely feedback they receive from instructors, and they developed more confidence in applying their knowledge of statistical concepts.

How do general chemistry students’ impressions, attitudes, perceived learning, and course performance vary with the arrangement of homework questions and E-text?

Results showed that students indicated significantly higher perceived learning with Mindtap and better attitudes and opinions of MindTap, with its single window arrangement, often citing that they read more with MindTap.

Studying the Effectiveness of Online Homework for Different Skill Levels in a College Algebra Course

Abstract A comparison of the performance on the final exam for subpopulations of students in College Algebra was used to assess the effectiveness of online homework. Data was collected for two small

The Effect of Online Homework (IXL) on Students' Mathematics Achievement

We examined the potential different effectiveness of an online homework system (IXL) and the traditional paper-and-pencil homework. A study involving 98 participants was conducted in a middle school

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Tutorial Learning Aids in a Course Management System

While there is an abundance of literature regarding the value of assigning homework in mathematics and the benefits students receive when completing homework, whether online or traditionally; there

The Effect on Student Performance of Web-Based Learning and Homework in Microeconomics

This analysis is designed to test the effect of the mandatory use of a web-based learning system on quiz and exam scores in microeconomic principles courses, an endogenous test of the effect on exam and quiz scores of using the various tools available within the system on an individual student basis.

Using an Online Homework System for Fostering Self-directed Learning

Self-directed learning is learning in which the conceptualization, design, conduct and evaluation of new content is directed and driven by the learner itself. This is an essential skill for students



A Comparison of Traditional Homework to Computer-Supported Homework

The implications of this study are that it may be worth the cost and effort to give Web-based homework when students have access to the needed equipment, such as in schools that have implemented one-to-one computing programs.

University Students' Perceptions of Web-Based vs. Paper-Based Homework in a General Physics Course.

The main aim of this study was to determine students' perceptions toward web-based versus paper-based homework and identify any differences based on homework performance score and grade point

Evidence On The Effectiveness Of On-Line Homework

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of on-line homework in principles of accounting classes. We surveyed students to determine their degree of satisfaction with

Online homework: Does it make a difference?

A general summary of the findings is presented, appropriate for a general practitioner, to evaluate the relative value of web-based computer homework with thoroughly hand-graded paper homework.

Statistical Evidence that Web-Based Homework

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