Traditional Institutions and Traditional Elites: The Role of Education in the Ethiopian Body-Politic

  title={Traditional Institutions and Traditional Elites: The Role of Education in the Ethiopian Body-Politic},
  author={Paulos Milkias},
  journal={African Studies Review},
  pages={79 - 94}
  • P. Milkias
  • Published 1 December 1976
  • Education
  • African Studies Review
A radical change in an educational system, as well as being the result of a social revolution, is a means of consolidating it. In a developing nation like Ethiopia which is undergoing a social upheaval, education has a vital role to play. It permits the articulation of the aspirations of the masses as a subject fit for knowledge. It helps to associate knowledge with the critique of the oppressive conditions of life and commits it to the transformation of society and the development of human… 
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