Tradition and Transition: The Performing Arts in Medieval North India

  title={Tradition and Transition: The Performing Arts in Medieval North India},
  author={Madhu Trivedi},
  journal={The Medieval History Journal},
  pages={110 - 73}
The performing arts in medieval India kept pace with changing socio- cultural environment and patronage patterns. This led to the synthesi sation of Indian and Turko-Persian performance practices at the court as well as folk levels and the emergence of a common music culture from the thirteenth century. New musical forms emerged, even as tra ditional genres remained in vogue. The medieval centuries witnessed fluctuations in the fortunes of several performance forms and their practitioners. The… Expand
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The Travels in the Mughal Empire
  • 1972
Dodhaka: A song in Prakrit called after a specific poetic metre; dohd of medieval poetry
    gives an idea of the labour and care invested in the refinement of the personality of the courtesan: she was given a diet so regulated as to of traversing notes upwards and downwards