Trade and civilisation in the Indian Ocean

  title={Trade and civilisation in the Indian Ocean},
  author={Kirti Narayan Chaudhuri},
Before the age of Industrial Revolution, the great Asian civilisations - whether located in the Middle East, India, South-East Asia, or the Far East - constituted areas not only of high culture but also of advanced economic development. They were the First World of human societies. This 1985 book examines one of the driving forces of that historical period: the long chain of oceanic trade which stretched from the South China Sea to the eastern Mediterranean. It also looks at the natural… 
Muslim Trade and City Growth Before the Nineteenth Century: Comparative Urbanization in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia
Abstract Scholars have long sought to understand when and why the Middle East fell behind Europe in its economic development. This article explores the importance of historical Muslim trade in
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Abstract This essay examines relations between eastern Africa and western India in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries in respect to two related sets of problems: the changing regimes of
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China is a resilient dinosaur. In contrast with so many other great empires in Eurasia – the Egyptian, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian, Ottoman and Tsarist-Soviet – China has the longest history. The
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It has been for some time now a truism of sorts that the Middle East is a wider locale than the arid landscapes traditionally identified by the moniker. The notional geographies that scholars have
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About seven years ago the journal Itinerario issued a special volume on the Ancien Régime in India and Indonesia that carried the papers presented at the third Cambridge-Leiden-Delhi-Yogyakarta
Institutional Causes of Economic Underdevelopment in the Middle East: a Historical Perspective
To anyone who knows the Middle East, broadly defined to include North Africa and the Balkans, it is a puzzle that the region became and remains economically underdeveloped. Visit any major city in
South Asia, the World System, and World Capitalism
  • D. Washbrook
  • History, Economics
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1990
The challenge of Immanuel Wallerstein—to reconceive the history of South Asia since 1750 as part of the development of a capitalist world system—has yet to elicit an adequate response from South
Progress and Problems: South Asian Economic and Social History c.1720–1860
  • D. Washbrook
  • History, Political Science
    Modern Asian Studies
  • 1988
Over the last fifteen to twenty years, interest in the history of early modern and modern South Asia has grown enormously and has engaged the attention of an increasingly international audience.
Tobacco, Eurasian Trade, and the Early Modern Iranian Economy
This article focuses on the development of the tobacco industry in Iran during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It uses this discussion as an entry point to inquire about the early modern
Iranians Abroad: Intra-Asian Elite Migration and Early Modern State Formation
The idea of trader communities spread across the shores of the Indian Ocean, or along the caravan routes of the Asian heartland, is a familiar one. Once designated as the ubiquitous “pedlars” of the