Traction fibre: toward a "tensegral" model of the spindle.

  title={Traction fibre: toward a "tensegral" model of the spindle.},
  author={Jeremy D. Pickett-Heaps and Arthur Forer and Timothy P Spurck},
  journal={Cell motility and the cytoskeleton},
  volume={37 1},
Most current hypotheses of mitotic mechanisms are based on the "PAC-MAN" paradigm in which chromosome movement is generated and powered by disassembly of kinetochore microtubules (k-MTs) by the kinetochore. Recent experiments demonstrate that this model cannot explain force generation for anaphase chromosome movement [Pickett-Heaps et al., 1996: Protoplasma 192:1-10]. Another such experiment is described here: a UV-microbeam cut several kinetochore fibres (k-fibres) in newt epithelial cells at… CONTINUE READING

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